Modify a chart in MetaTrader 4

This guide assumes that you have opened a chart.

How to modify the chart type

In MetaTrader 4 there are three different chart types to represent the price movement of an asset. There are several methods with which you can switch in between these chart types.

The fastest method is by using the Charts Toolbar.

Click the candlestick icon to change to chart type to a candlestick chart:

How to modify the chart type
How to modify the chart type


How to modify chart properties

After you have decided which chart type you want to use, you can change the appearance of your charts as well. You will need to open the chart properties window again.

  1. Right-click on the chart.
  2. Click Properties.
  3. Change your colour settings by┬áentering┬áthe┬áRGB code┬ádirectly …OR
  4. Change the colour settings by clicking on the arrow.
  5. Additional settings can be made in the Common tab.

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