How to get started with investing in second half of the year

Learn everything you need to know about the stock market and investing with the help of this $30 course bundle

Get a better understanding of how the stock market works with the Wall Street Survival and Stock Trading Guide bundle.

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Investing can be intimidating for anyone, whether it’s penny stocks or debt investing. Dipping a toe in the water can be confusing when there isn’t a clearcut starting point and the pandemic has turned the landscape of the stock market upside down, as well.

The pandemic has shifted nearly everything to digital and many consumers have chosen to support small businesses or have needed to cut back on spending, leaving companies like Hertz, Macy’s, and J.C.Penney to struggle. This is where debt investors have a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity, according to  this hedge-fund manager.

Watching these trends and studying the stock market—which is doing surprisingly well considering other COVID trends—doesn’t have to be so hard, and this $30 course bundle can get you started.

The Wall Street Survival & Stock Trading Guide Bundle  is the perfect guide to learning how to earn a profit and protect shares in any market condition. Taught by trading and investing professional Travis Rose, this bundle covers everything from day trading to stock trading and is on sale now for $29.99 USD. 

The bundle starts with a step-by-step guide on how to become a profitable day trader.  Day Trading 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading Stocks  covers the basics on how to get started in day trading. Get a better understanding of how the stock market works and what causes fluctuations while learning how to properly create a trading plan that minimizes risk and maximizes profit.

The Beginner’s Guide to Swing Trading Stocks Part-Time  helps to find, analyze, and execute the best swing trades without having to obsess at your computer screen for hours. Learn when to enter and exit positions, find the best stocks to swing trade daily, and how to identify and trade market trends.

Get started on mastering technical analysis by learning the most common stock market pattern chains in  Technical Analysis 101: Chart Patterns for Day Trading & Investing.  Improve trading or investing by identifying and trading chart patterns with this course included in  this bundle  for $29.99 USD. 

Advance to  The Complete Stock Market Investing Guide for Beginners  and learn how to find and invest in winning stocks, diversify your portfolio, and minimize risk with this step-by-step guide that walks your through how to get your investing account opened and set up and how to buy your first stock.

Master the ins and outs of the penny stock market and learn how to be a day trader with  The Ultimate Penny Stock Day Trading Masterclass  and become a successful penny stock trader after learning all the basics. Then advance to become a profitable day trader with the help of  Consistently Profitable Penny Stocks Day Trading Strategies  and focus more on the technical analysis of day trading. 

Finish up with the Day Trading Secrets: Learn to Day Trade with Tape Reading and Fibonacci 101: Simplified Guide to Stock Trading with Fibonacci courses and explore more advanced ways of reading market trends and how to identify and analyze various entry and exit points in the market. Complete your mastery of the stock market and start making a profit with this  $30 USD course bundle.

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