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KC Smith lived back and forth between the U.S. and the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, which equipped him with a unique mindset that helped drive his passion for success. Moving between a developed country and a developing country, he saw the access to opportunity and knew timing could have an immense impact on the trajectory of life. 

Growing up, KC wasn’t anything special. Just like most people, he had to strive hard to become successful. In his early years, KC felt that he was lost and ran into the wrong crowds. He spent most of his childhood and teen years doing wrong things because at the time, he had to hustle in the streets to survive. Luckily, he was blessed with great parents who struggled and worked extremely hard to bring food on their table and to provide for their family. His parents emphasized a relentless culture of entrepreneurship which then stuck with KC for the rest of his life.

KC began to work typical 9-5 jobs within corporations and lived paycheck to paycheck. He became a slave to the routine and realized he wasn’t living his life to the full extent. Jumping out of the workforce in the 1st recession came his major challenge. Because of the lack of resources and opportunity, he became homeless. But this never stopped him from chasing his dreams. In 2008, he found his first opportunity in Forex and stocks which later became his stepping stone to achieve a life of financial freedom. Being the innovator he always is, he decided to bet on himself and learn Forex and stock trading. He used his profits in Forex and stocks to fund his first business, Maxtax Accounting and Credit Repair, and was able to expand it to eight different locations without the need of funding through the banking system.

KC later realized that Forex trading is a skill many people want to know. He is confident in his ability to leverage money through the Forex markets to create wealth. He thought that if he could do it, he could also teach others how to do it. This empowered him to start Circle of Wealth LLC, a lifestyle platform that offers education to earn multiple sources of income through trading, real estate and credit education. KC and the Circle of Wealth team have helped 5,136 members worldwide to date beat the markets and gain profits from the Forex and equities space. Since then, KC has added other financial services to the table which includes education about real estate, credit repair, and health and wellness.

In September, 2020, KC achieved a milestone in his Forex journey. He was able to profit $103K in one day. But KC’s life isn’t just all about his success story in Forex and his businesses. It’s also about giving back to his community. In today’s day and age where incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against minorities are present, he wanted to advocate against it. As a personal form of protest, he is now educating individuals in financial literacy, focusing on the minority community.


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