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Homefx plus is making trading SAFE and SECURE. We have developed, and set partnerships in place that ensure our traders an experience like no other. With an array of tailored trading solutions that suite both novice and professional traders alike, we create the ultimate trading environment for you. Our team of professional brokers are handpicked and dedicated to the success of our traders and to the integrity of our brand. With over 10,000 satisfied clients and 100 million dollars invested, we invite you to join our firm and experience the power of trading.



Finding the right broker to trade with is never easy. at Homefx plus offer you the opportunity to join a team of hard working professionals that are focused on the success of your account. Our staff lives by three “c’s” principle of Care, Commitment and Consistency, giving you a trading experience like no other!


We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily

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Phone  +442030976214

Working Hours   9am – 5pm


WebTrader complete technical analysis package with over 50 built-in indicators and charting tools helps to keep you on top of market trends using multiple accounts. You can execute trades manually or with preloaded indicators and automated robot trading strategies. Alternatively, WebTrader highly customizable, advanced software allows you to create your own trading strategies using its unique MQL4 programming language. Take advantage of WebTrader’s one-click functionality to make sure your trades are executed fast, every time.


Smartphones and tablets are indispensable in trading when you are away from your computer.

Use the mobile versions of WebTrader on your iPhone/iPad and Android devices to trade in the financial markets.

You will certainly appreciate the functionality of the mobile trading platforms that include the full support for the trading functions, broad analytical capabilities with technical indicators and other graphical objects. Of course, all these features are available from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.


accounts types
accounts types


MAM (Multi-Account Manager) account allows fund managers to manage multiple accounts from a single account without having to create an investment fund. The performance (profits and losses) of MAM account manager is distributed among the managed accounts. The clients’ managed accounts are connected to the account manager’s main account and all trades made by the manager are reflected proportionally in the clients’ accounts.

  • High liquidity, reliable execution
  • Fixed, Floating & Raw spread offerings
  • Leverage of up to 400:1
  • Trade for an unlimited number of clients


You can open as many demo accounts as you wish and have the chance to become familiar with the platform and its suite of functionality for an unlimited period of time. For beginners demo trading is the recommended starting point. We are able to provide screen sharing demos of how to use the software with a member of our technical team. More experienced traders might also find our demo account useful to understand our trading conditions, pricing and the symbols we offer.

Forex markets have 24 hour around the clock easy trading access with no commissions for 5 days a week. There is opportunity in Forex to profit from wherever you are in the world and whichever currency pair you choose.

Forex is possibly the most popular trading asset with online traders due to the easy accessibility. This means that traders with full time day jobs, have ample opportunity to also trade and profit.

For everyone from beginner to experienced traders, the biggest advantage of trading Forex markets is that you only need an internet connection for your device (for any of our trading platforms) and you’re good to go.

Specific Advantages with trading Forex markets with 4xpoint, is the availability of Leverage we offer. We also boast tight spreads and absolutely NO commissions.

Trading Conditions Forex

1USDJPY3.00.93MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
2GBPUSD4.01.15MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
3EURUSD3.00.65MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
4EURJPY4.01.63MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
5AUDUSD4.01.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
6EURCHF4.01.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
7AUDJPY5.01.33MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
8USDCAD5.01.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
9NZDUSD5.01.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
10USDCHF4.01.15MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
11EURGBP4.00.95MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
12AUDCAD9.04.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
13CADCHF8.03.95MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
14GBPCHF7.03.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
15GBPJPY8.01.93MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
16NZDCHF9.05.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
17NZDCAD9.05.15MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
18USDHKD7.05.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
19AUDCHF9.03.95MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
20NZDJPY8.02.33MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
21USDSGD8.04.63MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
22CHFJPY6.02.03MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
23CADJPY7.01.23MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
24EURCAD9.01.85MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
25EURAUD8.02.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
26AUDNZD15.01.75MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
27EURTRY20.028.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
28GBPAUD12.03.25MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
29GBPNZD22.011.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
30USDCNH30.014.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
31USDDKK20.011.35MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
32GBPCAD12.03.15MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
33USDTRY20.017.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
34EURDKK15.07.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
35EURNZD20.04.95MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
36EURNOK45.058.65MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
37EURHUF75.026.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
38EURPLN50.023.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
39EURSEK50.048.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
40USDCZK30.023.55MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
41USDHUF75.033.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
42USDILS60.041.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 08:01-17:59
43USDMXN100.058.85MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
44USDNOK50.052.75MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
45USDPLN45.021.95MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59
46USDRON80.067.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 09:16-17:59
47USDZAR10.0203.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 04:50-23:50
48USDRUB25.025.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10:01-18:59
49EURRUB150.0250.05MONDAY-FRIDAY, 10:01-18:59
50USDSEK50.039.45MONDAY-FRIDAY, 00:05-23:59


  • Homefx plus Pro is a trading name of Astrica Ltd. and the website www.homefx-plus.com is owned and operated by Astrica Ltd. Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96961.
  • Homefx-plus.com will charge an account that has been inactive from trading for 45 days or more a monthly dormant fee of 100$

    These three trading tools are of the main importance

    FOREX CALCULATORThis tool is designed to help you decide your trade’s specifics before you take action, making accurate assessments at the right time and getting the most out of your investments.

    REAL TIME CHARTHomefx-Plus real time chart offers accurate real-time data. It is a visually appealing tool and costumizable with hundreds of technical indicators. It will help you craft your strategies around price movements in real-time.

    ECONOMIC CALENDAROur fast-updating economic calendar covers the most important economic events, announcements and news that affect the stocks, commodities and forex markets.


    Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts For Differences (CFDS) is highly speculative, carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. You may sustain a loss of some or all of your invested capital, therefore, you should not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with trading on margin.

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