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As innovators, Fibinex specialize in offering fantastic trading platforms that are both technologically advanced and user-friendly.

Fibinex are pleased to offer a wide range of trading instruments covering over 50 currencies, numerous stock CFDs, and dozens of indices, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

Their ambition has always been to make online trading more accessible, enjoyable, and profitable for traders of all levels!

Their passion for innovation and service enables us to grow, and Fibinex look forward to expanding into new markets to offer products to serve Their growing clients of beginner and experienced traders across the World.

Why Fibinex?

Because Fibinex deliver a safe and reliable products and are committed to you and your success.

Straightforward and Uncomplicated Trading

Making good trading decisions can be a truly confusing and intimidating undertaking. Considering the numerous choices, information and digital resources available, it is unsurprising that so many people have trouble navigating the World of trading Forex. Fibinex have developed tools and the means to help you make the most from foreign currency and CFD trading. Their user-friendly technology is designed to provide a simple yet powerful trading environment that is ideal for experienced traders and beginners.

Transparent, Secure, Reliable

When choosing a broker, don’t ever settle for less than you deserve. As a full-service brokerage firm, Fibinex provide you with complete confidence and peace of mind with the ultimate conditions for trading. By joining Their online trading community, you can rest assured that your funds are fully protected, following the strictest rules and securities.

Opportunities, Any Time, Anywhere

In the world of online trading, access to the market is everything. Being able to trade 24-hours a day – at home, work, or wherever, is no longer a luxury – it’s an essential part of trading. To meet that growing demand, Their team of proven experts have designed and developed a line of fully-scalable trading platforms enabling you to monitor global financial markets and derivatives and capitalize on trends at the time and place most convenient.

Minimum Effort, Maximum Potential

Fibinex set Their sights on being the most affordable player in the market. Their principal priority is to provide you with a reliable and rewarding trading environment that offers optimal conditions for increasing your profit probability.

Opening deposits as low as £/€/$500, tight and competitive spreads, leverage ratios of up to 1:300, and unique promotions are just a few of the trading benefits Fibinex have in store for you.

Extremely Fast Execution

One of the most essential aspects of online trading is speed. Any financial wiz will tell you that. In an industry where every second and millisecond counts, you want to make sure your orders are executed immediately without delay. Whether you’re seeking to open or close a position, Their stable order execution system enables you to take complete control of your portfolio in real-time with a simple button click, completely commissioning-free.

 trading platforms fibinex
trading platforms fibinex


Your online trading gateway to more accessible, more innovative, safer trading.

As the flagship of Their innovative trading solutions, Fibinex are proud to offer the Fibinex Webtrader– an online trading platform accessible from any PC, Mac with a web browser and internet connection.

Fibinex Webtrader leverages all of the company’s technological advancements and trading benefits while displaying the look and feel of Their industry-leading software.

That means you can log in to your account, manage your open trades, and control your capitalization exposure with just a few clicks.

Online Trading Platform

Advanced graphs, instant 1-click execution, deposit and withdraw funds all from your laptop where ever you are.

Start trading any currency, gold or bitcoin, by choosing typo trade with the Fibinex Webtrader.

Fibinex’s online trading platform provides a solution to all investors regardless of their level of knowledge and trading experience. Their trading platforms offer cutting-edge technologies and capabilities to help you manage your investments securely and efficiently from the web.

Supported Browser

You can access Web trader on your computer through Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. Please make sure you are running an up-to-date web browser.

Main Reasons You Should Use the Fibinex Webtrader


Fibinex offers you the means to track, analyze, and trade in a wide range of financial assets using a single cross-device platform, saving you valuable time, money, and nuisance.

Powerful yet not heavy:

With a low memory and latency footprint, Fibinex delivers real-time data, implements fixes and enables rapid setting of new trades with ultra-high speed and precision.

100% Risk-Free Practice

Their trading platform lets you fine-tune your trading skills with virtual money. And then, whenever you feel prepared, you can effortlessly switch to real money and go back to practice some more when you feel the need – all with the simple click of your mouse.

SSL Trusted and Secure:

Its innovative trading interface uses some of the most cutting-edge encryption technologies available – guaranteeing complete confidentiality, anonymity and safety of your funds.

Intuitive, Simple. and User Friendly.

It makes buying and selling currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities simpler.

Advanced Order Types:

“Take Profit”, “Stop Loss”, and pending orders are just a few of the advanced features included.

Open your Trading account and start trading currencies, stocks or even crypto today.

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