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Duvaro offers the highest service quality, bottom security, the latest technology and excellent liquidity. All of this, together with a unique and totally transparent trading model for foreign exchange trading, guarantees the best price performance at all times.

Duvaro Has one of the most experienced management teams in the industry, with a deep knowledge of operations, in a broad spectrum of finance and technology industries. Their professional staff has approved all your experience, combining it into an attractive and easy to use system for all levels of traders. With workshops worldwide, the firm can provide incomparable services to its customers and merchants.

They strive to provide a profitable commercial experience for all customers! Their dedicated team provides innovative technology and dedicated and reliable customer service for a perfect experience. Since Their beginnings, they have specialized in online Forex trading, converting into a leading FX and CFD broker for clients in more than 120 countries worldwide.

Their goal is to help people understand capital markets and maximize personal, and commercial income, but they practice proper money management! They are connecting minority traders with tools, products and education needed to excel financially.

Duvaro offers minority investors the possibility of using the foreign exchange market as an asset class. Their agents and analysts assist the client in achieving their investment goals while providing the most attractive, practical and straightforward trading platform. Duvaro offers direct access to multiple liquidity destinations in the Forex markets without the usual load associated with the smallest commercial characters. Customers have the ability to see market data and enjoy the support, with access to the most experienced corridor in the field.

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Duvaro Trading Information

Duvaro is the full-service Trading solution for Trading multiple financials. They have worked long and hard writing guides for newcomers and experienced traders alike and work around the clock to provide Their customers with a smooth and quick online trading experience.

Margin & Leverage

Margin and leverage are two essential terms that usually take a little while for newcomers to forex trading to grasp. However, these terms help decree many choices that are relevant to your trades, so spending the time comprehending them is quite important.

Assets and Symbols

A collection of Assets and Symbols lists, their type of exchange, lot sizes, and a few more details, all easily accessible in one place. Click here to find them!

Webtrader Platform

Duvaro provides a new web-based trading platform that runs on all browsers. This platform, which can be accessed using clients’ Duvaro account credentials, broadens the reach and addresses some ongoing needs of the traders today, who require a stable and flexible trading solution to access global forex markets.

Their webtrader has been built with one purpose in mind: to improve our clients’ trading experience. Combine the Desktop, mobile and Their Webtrader under one trading account, so you can keep all the powerful features and trading conditions that they offer but increase your platform’s capabilities when you’re not at your trading desk or on the go.

Their Webtrader uses all the advantages of desktop trading software while giving you flexibility and choice.

Mobile Trading Platform

Their Mobile trading platform provides clients with the same functionalities as Their Webtrader. Clients have the ability to download the Mobile application and have access to the account(s)’ information. Mobile apps can be downloaded through either iOS or Android software.

Clients can access their account(s) by using their Duvaro account(s)’ credentials.

Desktop Trading Platform

Duvaro provides a solid trading platform that runs on Mac and Windows. This platform, which can be accessed using clients’ Duvaro account credentials offers the traders a fast and stable trading solution to access global forex markets.

The Duvaro Desktop Trading platform is an advanced Forex trading platform and allows traders to easily execute orders and manage trading accounts. Placing market orders, pending and stop orders, trailing stops and take profit transactions is extremely simple on Their Platform. Orders can be controlled according to preferences including trading directly from charts.

The charting facilities on offer are substantial and by using the range of analytical and indicator tools helps traders easily identify the latest trends, patterns and market movements.

The Desktop Trader has been built with one purpose in mind: to improve Their clients’ trading experience. Combine the Desktop, mobile and Their Webtrader under one trading account, so you can keep all the powerful features and trading conditions that they offer but increase your platform’s capabilities, so when you sit and trade you will have the best trading experience under the best trading conditions.

Duvaro Account Types

They present Their customers with an account selection that can satisfy each trader’s needs and preferences. Their team has thought about even the smallest of details and produced different account types so you can select the one that best suits your needs.

There are different accounts to choose from and each one has its benefits.

Minimum deposit$5,000$25,000$100,000$250,000+
Spread, pipsFixedFixed & Floating, VariableFixed & Floating, VariableFixed & Floating, Variable
Execution typeInstantInstantInstantInstant
Quotation (number of marks after point)5 marks5 marks5 marks5 marks
Margin Call Level40%40%40%40%
Stop Out Level30%30%30%30%
Trading platformall devicesall devicesall devicesall devices

Islamic Account

Duvaro respectfully provides Islamic accounts, swap-free; which strictly corresponds to Islamic Sharia Law. Forex trading is open for all people regardless of race and creed.

With Their Islamic account, no swaps or rollover charges will be applied to Forex trading positions overnight. In other words, an Islamic Forex trading account is free from interest or swap. Duvaro respects that for some traders this settlement is the most important part of trading Forex.

These account holders are able to reopen immediately, in order to avoid all issues and trading activities in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Furthermore, the Islamic account holders will not receive or pay any usurious interest as a result of the immediate buying or selling.

In addition, clients who do not have the total price of a trade, are able to proceed with their investment using leverage. They offer leverage as means; which allows you to trade in almost any market. Once again, this is without any interest.

Here, is the Fatwa: (Rules in adherence with Islamic Law that allow Forex trading.)

The traders who are obliged to comply with Islamic jurisprudence (Faqih) often have a difficulty in the Forex market; due to the fact that it is necessary to make the instant exchange. However, recent academic researchers found that the record of funds transferred to bank accounts was tardy, hence Fatwas are legitimately issued.




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