Cobra Trading

On-line since 2013
Country of origin United States
Regulation FINRA, NFA, SIPC
Payment options check, wire, and account transfer
Minimum account size $25,000
Minimum lot size 0.01 lots
Leverage 1:500
Spreads floating from 1 pip

About Cobra Trading

CobraTrading. Cobra Trading offers been constant with their top quality knowledgable customer support which can be accessed by messenger, telephone or e-mail. Personally, I favor Realtick Express and can review that platform.

Pricing Options

Pricing will vary based on the trading platform you utilize. The least expensive is DAS Investor PRO at $125 per month waived with over 250,


5% For competition. Commissions are applied on a sliding level that starts at $0.000 to at least one 1 million shares, $0.002 For over 2 million shares traded monthly.

Assorted routing and passthrough ECN costs are on their website. On Realtick the passthrough fees are ARCA $0.0035 for taking liquidity and $0. 0025 when planning on taking liquidity and $0.0025 for offering liquidity.

Platform Features

Seasoned veteran traders will value the full selection of tools and scalability second to non-e of this platform.


Unlike most of the

well-known charting platforms from larger online agents, i also like the way the information package on the charts provides the value of each indicator on the chart.

Technical Indicators

Realtick has all of the common indicators and research like stochastic, shifting averages, Bollinger B, s, pivot points and MACD. Users may also draw trend lines, Fibonacci retracements and Gann lines.

Level 2

The particular level 2 window and period and sales are simple to read and filled with useful information like the VWAP and after hours price change. The latter is definitely lacking on so many charting platforms but is indeed useful to find stocks which may be tradeable in the post marketplace. To me, the level 2 window is the core tool that I take advantage of to connect to multiple timeframe charts for a panoramic perspective on a stock’s price actions. I like to overlap each group of multi-time framework charts and level 2/TOS (time and product sales) windows with the SPY to gauge relative durability or weakness when compared to benchmark S&P 500 index ETF.


Newsfeed add-ons can be found through the system for additional charges.


Realtick Express doesn’t appear to possess a scanner included. I love to utilize the quote matrix to enter multiple watch lists, which may be configured with the fundamentals like previous trade, bid/inquire, dollar change and volume. Once again, this sounds elementary,

Order Entry

The order routing can be instantaneous in literally milliseconds. Once you click to get or sell, the purchase is filled nearly before you complete clicking. Investors can select a favored route with point-and-click execution through the particular level 2 window or choose to use Cobra’s proprietary wise path algorithm. ECN rebates are used instantly.

Watch Lists

As aforementioned, this simple requirements gives me everything I have to know to decide if it’s something well worth watching. Unlike other systems, the watch lists start posting info from pre-market instead of waiting before open similar to platforms. Thus giving me an early on headstart within my pre-market preparation program to discover tradeable stocks.

Customization and Saved Layouts

Once more, Realtick Express helps it be so easy to save your valuable layouts. It must be simple, right? So a great many other platforms cause you to pick between pre-place layouts that do not scale properly when resizing the home windows and then require needing to save the style, layout separately and format. It makes me query what the designers were thinking. Maintain it simple may be the theme with RealTick. You don’t have to possess multiple layouts operating at the ready,

Platform Differentiators

RealTick Express can be an incredibly efficient platform with arguably the very best charting integration with equipment and execution. But those are useless cosmetic source hogs. Because of the efficiency of simply using the thing you need, the platform is extremely light on assets and don’t require continuous hardware upgrades to take care of a huge amount of useless procedures. It doesn’t the work efficiently and effectively.

Unparalleled Customer Service
As a person for well over ten years, I must admit without doubt that gets the best customer service focused on traders. Unlike the huge discount brokers, they treat their clients with value and compassion, rather than as yet another account number. You can purchase short-sell locates on the platform get in touch with them to locate in advance, which is what it is best to be doing anyhow. As the word goes “Easier to have a gun and not need it, than to require it rather than have one.”

Which kind of Trader Is usually Cobra Trading Best For?
Non-convoluted, the squad at Cobra knows all their customers and you don’t squander the first two moments of a contact to telephone support re-hash your username and passwords like these other on-line agents. They are prompt, frugal with your own time and direct atlanta divorce attorneys sense of the term. As the RealTick Express platform is actually for experienced traders, in addition they personal,

Best charting and tier 2 integration platforms in the marketplace
Best customer support with direct relevant solutions
Instantaneous millisecond executions
Low margin rates and first class short-locates
Per-share pricing with abundant pass-through rebates

Linking windows could possibly be easier
Audio alerts will be useful on executions

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