Calliber io Forex Broker

Calliber io Forex Broker


About Calliber

Calliber is founded by a group of financial industry veterans with a common goal, to counter and mitigate client risks.
Their founders understood the concerns such as of market unpredictability, security of funds and the issues that may arise for trading CFDs. Therefore, they aimed to rebuild traders’ confidence with clients’ perspective in mind to address the risks they face. Forex Brokerage Forex Brokerage

At Calliber, a secure online trading system, essential trading tools and resources, and Their dedicated customer support are Their commitment to the traders. Their organization is firmly established with offices around the globe to provide you with a superior trading environment through its international network of expertise.
Their values are the cornerstone of Their business, which applies universally throughout the entire organization. This establishes the standard towards Their goal as a leading brokerage through continuous innovation, development and growth.

Trustworthiness – To counter and mitigate client risks
Empowering – To provide well-rounded trading resources
Service excellence – To build a strong working framework to support Their clients

Why Calliber why trade with why trade with

Access the global markets with a trusted trading partner at Your side.
Security of funds

Their client funds are wholly segregated from the company funds and are held in separate bank accounts. this is in accordance with industry regulations to ensure that all client funds are protected.
Calliber adheres to stringent guidelines by the authorities, which includes anti-money laundering (AML) policies to protect all clients.

competitive global markets access
Get access to global markets with Their competitive spreads of the currency pairs. Additionally, They ensure a superior trading environment build on a solid technical framework for optimized execution of the trades.

Globally recognized platform
The Calliber trader is a preferred platform by thousands of traders around the world. Explore the numerous trader oriented of features, such as advanced charting tools, fully customizable system and sentiment charts, as well as mobile and browser-based trading applications (Webtrader).

Trade while on the Move
The globally recognized trading platform offers the mobile app, which has been designed and built individually for iPhone, iPad and android™ devices to give you the optimal on-the-go experience. All platforms are fully synchronized so check on yTheir open trades that you executed on yTheir desktop hours ago through Their mobile trading application.

Clients are Their Main priority
Long-term collaboration and success is ultimately determined by how well Their clients’ needs and requirements are being met. Their clients’ satisfaction is a key factor to every operational and business decision They make. Both Their sales and support staff are well-trained to provide assistance for a superior trading environment and trading experience.

Advanced technologies and best trading solutions, integrated into one platform on all devices for yTheir convenience. Trading platforms Trading platforms

Calliber Desktop Platform

The most user-friendly solutions to enhance the way you trade, no matter what yTheir level of expertise is. Organize Their advanced tools to create yTheir personal customized platform with Risk Management and Integrated charting package

Calliber Web Trader

Easily execute trades wherever you are with one-click trading in Calliber Webtrader. The streamlined user-friendly interface allows you to open a position and empowers you to keep yTheir pulse on the markets.

Calliber Mobile Trader

Access all 5 financial markets with no limits due to Calliber‘s full functioning mobile trading platform. More than 500 assets, charting instruments, data, analysis, and all the required trading tools at Their fingertips at all times.


Get Their competitive spreads and margins and trade the wide range of assets on Their
advanced, innovative, and powerful online trading platform today. range of market - what can you trade range of market – what can you trade

The commodities market is the oldest and considered to be the most viable one of all Financial Markets. Nowadays all commodities are an integral part of the financial world.

Cryptocurrencies Trading
A New Volatile market that offers numerous opportunities on a daily basis. Enrich yTheir trading portfolio with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Forex Trading
Forex market is the most popular market as it offers traders high volatility and every day there are plenty of trading opportunities for you to take advantage off.

Indices Trading
Indices combine the group of the most traded company stocks from an exchange. Indices can be a great asset for long-term investments, as well as for short-term ones.

Stocks Trading
Trading Stocks is an excellent opportunity to get into the world of financial markets mostly because of their simplicity and popularity. Speculate on their price fluctuations towards profit.

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