Acri.Pro forex Broker

Acri.Pro forex Broker

About ACRI.Pro is a Global internet brokerage and investment company where clients from all around the world are trading multiple financial asset categories from the comfort of their home.

They believe in following corporate values and strive to build strong relationships with their clients. they are committed to providing you the best of trading experience.


They believe in full transparency and taking a growth-oriented approach to keep bringing innovation. Forex exchange is simplified through their innovating trading platforms and clear pricing models. they also guarantee you data innovation security.

Our mission

Acri.Pro forex Broker strives every day to offer its traders the best possible trading conditions on the market. It does this by investing in cutting-edge technology, researching new products and by investing in the training of both its traders and its staff.

acri pro why
acri pro why

Why to choose ACRI.Pro?

  1. They offer you a wide range of financial products on many markets around the World while using leading technology and skilled experienced staff to provide you the best possible trading experience.
  2. They are committed to providing the highest standard of account security and supreme customer service.
  3. They provide you with advanced trading tools and technology, ensuring that each trader has the opportunity to reach their maximum trading potential.
  4. They don’t manage clients’ portfolios, nor do they engage in any form of trading consulting.

Trade with ACRI.Pro and find out why so many traders call their brokerage their trading home.

Acri.Pro forex Broker is extremely aware and mindful of its customers’ security and works hard to provide

nothing but the best possible customer service.

    • Negative Balance Protection: Your accounts cannot go on minus, so you will never lose more money than what you have invested, even in cases of extraordinary volatility.
    • Careful Risk Management: Our trained financial teams ensure that their clients and business are never overly exposed to any monetary disruption. they are well-fit to handle market instability with no interference to their regular trading services.
    • Bank Accounts Segregations: All Acri.Pro forex Broker’s client funds are separated from the company capital and they are kept in leading banks for maximal protection.

Acri WebTrader

Acri Web Trading platform offers a smarter, more Transparent and faster way to trade via your web browser. Exceptional Trading capabilities across multiple-devices and Browsers. With built-in tools for a faster, more powerful trading experience.

Our leading web-based trading platform that gives you direct access to your trading account from the web and has a simple and user-friendly interface which provides full trading functionality without the need for platform downloads or installations.

Translated in multiple languages, the Acri Webtrader is designed to accommodate the trading requirements of traders of all levels around the globe.

A feature-packed online platform

Designed to give you maximum control, the Acri Webtrader enables you to access your account quickly and efficiently on any device.

This platform is an extremely user-friendly platform that delivers a large range of tools.

The trading conditions are readily accessible and traders will experience no learning curve due to optimized interface designed by and for traders.

Additional Benefits and Features of the Acri Webtrader ( Main Trading Platform)

  • Cutting-edge Chartings Tools & Functionality
  • Intuitive Order Window
  • Available in Multiple Languages
  • Clean & User-Friendly Interface
  • Transparent & Secure Trading on any Device
  • Fully synced with the App & Desktop version
  • No download – Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Ultra-fast Order Execution, no Requotes
  • Broad Asset Choice – CFDs on Currencies, stocks, cryptos, Commodities and indices

Our web trader houses a variety of preset technical indicators and analytical tools ready to use.

Trade with the software that is tested, approved and used by thousands professional traders and understand experience what innovation in trading feels like

With no software download or installation required, traders can benefit from a fast and robust yet easy to understand trading platform that rivals any download version.

Trade where ever you want, all you need is the internet connection and you are good to go.


Trading Conditions- Trade under amazing trading conditions to enhance your trading experience.

Range of markets – Trade Cryptocurrencies, Forex, stocks, commodities and indices all at one platform.

Customer Support- their dedicated professional Support is available 24/6 for your needs.

Innovating technology-Lighting fast execution and intuitive trading platform and tools.

Safe and secure- Your Funds are safe in a segregated account.

Multilingual and Global reach – Talk to them in your language from anywhere in the world.

Range of Marketof Acri Pro

acri pro range of market
acri pro range of market

Forex – Acri is a reliable Forex broker that offers the best quoted price for all their diverse list of financial instruments.

Commodities -Acri makes it easy for you by allowing trading of the most popular commodities including- Crude oil, Brent & Gold and Silver.

Cryptocurrencies – Acri offers the best-of-market spreads and fast execution, thus paves a great way to expand your portfolio.

Indices – When trading in Acri stock indices CFDs, you will be able to diversify your trading strategies globally.

Stocks – Acri offers you Stocks with Market Execution on some of the world’s most popular stocks.

Trading conditions

  • Trade with high leverage up to 1:300
  • Learn from their Chief Market Analyst’s Daily Market Analysis
  • Easy online account management portal
  • Built-in advanced indicators and charting
  • Industry-leading web, mobile and desktop platforms
  • One click trading that is ideal for scalpers
  • Multilingual Trading platform for your comfort
  • 1 Tier Liquidity Providers

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